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Why see a naturopath?

If you really want to get on top of your health, it's important to understand the root cause of why you have become unwell. A naturopath spends a lot of time investigating all areas of your health including digestive health, immune function, nutritional status, medical history, diet, lifestyle and stress response in order to provide you with a suitable treatment plan.

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Functional  Pathology Testing

Functional Testing - sometimes we will seek functional testing when the answer to your health problems can't be found in standard pathology.  Examples of functional pathology are: Functional Pathology

Complete Digestive Stool Analysis stool analysis tests are useful for detecting parasitic or bacterial infections in the gut.   Stool analysis can also include indicators of gastrointestinal health such as pH, digestion markers, inflammatory markers, permeability markers, bacterial populations and yeasts. 

Salivary / Urinary Hormone Tests - blood tests are not always the best assessment tool when it comes to certain hormone evaluations;  for example, we can measure estradiol (E2) in the blood, but there are other estrogens such as E1 and E3 that can be of interest - salivary hormone tests cover these aspects.   

A salivary cortisol test can be performed at 4 separate time of the day (giving a better indication of diurnal rhythm) which is not accessible with blood work. 

These tests are also done in the comfort of your own home and sent out for analysis.

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